iM4U (1Malaysia For Youth)
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iM4U, Malaysia's leading youth volunteerism community; is known as a catalyst that empowers and builds resilient youth with engaging, unconventional and inspiring activities. The activities spearheaded by iM4U aim to build sustainable and stronger community with economic impact and foster greater leaders for tomorrow.

The DRe1M fund initiated by iM4U provides opportunities and inspires Malaysian youth to carry out their own volunteer programs. The initiative encourages youth between the ages of 18 to 40 to realize volunteer programs that would make a difference, build the nation and benefit the communities.

iM4U has achieved great milestones since its inception in 2012. The volunteer programs organized by iM4U fall under four main pillars;

1. Arts, Culture and Innovation – programs that promote Malaysian culture and diversity.
2. Community Well - Being – promotes and inculcates values that bind the diverse communities. These are values shared and cherished by fellow Malaysians.
3. Sports - build a healthier nation and foster team spirit among Malaysians.
4. Knowledge Building – programs that enhance skills and educational discourse to share exposure and experience with one another.

The iM4U Outreach Centre network allows it to leverage the vast network of educational and youth related institutions to enable iM4U to make a quick nationwide impact in order to instill volunteerism. Its work is supported by the iM4U Street Team which travels throughout the country to support and promote iM4U’s mission.

As a means of strengthening its position, iM4U launched its radio station iM4U fm which plays a key role in promoting iM4U’s mission and activities besides playing fresh new music catering to the youth. iM4U fm can be heard on 107.9 FM in the Klang Valley. Currently, it has more than 60, 000 listeners.

For more information on iM4U
Twitter: @1m4youth
Instagram: @1m4youth

For more information on iM4U fm
Twitter: @iM4Ufm
Instagram: @im4ufm